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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here It Goes Again

I recognised how frequently models are dubbed "The next Kate Moss."
However, Kate Moss is still ruling.

These are some of the models that have been given that title.
1. Lily Donaldson
2. Agyness Deyn
3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
4. Portia Freeman
5. Karolina Kurkova
6. Sasha Pivovarova
7. Lily Cole
8. Irina Lazareanu

1. Lily Donaldson

2. Agyness Deyn

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

4. Portia Freeman

5. Karolina Kurkova

6. Sasha Pivovarova

7. Lily Cole

8. Irina Lazareanu

Are any the next Kate Moss???



♥ fashion chalet said...

Only Kate Moss can be Kate Moss. It's funny how they all refer to them as the next Moss though. I think every individual should be themselves. They're all so beautiful in their own special ways.


You're a doll.

That foccacia bread sounds DELICIOUS. I'm a bread freak. Especially when yummy sauces or dips are involved.

xo/ fashion chalet

Susanna-Cole said...

Are any of them the next Kate Moss? Probably not. I mean no one can really be the next somebody else. You can only be yourself! You can be LIKE someone else, but really, no one can achieve exactly what somone else has. ;)

By the way, would you like to exchange links? :)


Cait said...

thank you so much for mentioning "Melchior Beslon". I'm so glad you watched their segement. Thanks for the comment.

hmmm I just think Kate can only do what Kate can do.

I was watching Emilie de Ravin in Brick tonight. Really, there was some sad pics of her and she had a bit of a Kate Moss look about her.

Nita-Karoliina said...

there is only one Kate Moss, so no one can be the next her, even after she dies. i think it stupid to say a new Kate moss. i adore Lily, but shes Lily, Not another Kate :)

chuckles said...

I dont think that there will ever be another Kate Moss. It's lie saying there will be another Heidi.

MR style said...

i love karolina kurkova !! except when she smiles

Anonymous said...

Kate Moss is unique, and she'll never be replaced :)
However Lily Donaldson is doing pretty well - and I adore her!

Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

Rock on

Cate said...

I like Lily Donaldson and Rosie, but none of them are the next Kate Moss. As the others said, only Kate Moss can be Kate Moss and I DON'T WANT HER TO BE REPLACED!!!

Songy said...

Karolina Kurkova is on a completely different league/breed I think.

Kate Moss is Kate Moss.. she has her unique style that no one can actually 'emulate' her really.

Having said that I'm watching and noticing Sasha Pivovarova a lot. Sometimes get confused with Gemma Ward somewhat but I like her much more than others..

Penny Lane said...

i really like Portia Freeman, i think she has a cool look. she kinda reminds me of Patricia Arquette in True Romance, which is on of my favourite movies ever!!

Susanna-Cole said...

Great thanks, I added your link to my blog roll as well!
Thanks for your comment :)


The Seeker said...

I like to see Karolina Kurkova, Sasha Pivovarova and Agyness Deyn (despite she's controversial).
Well... I'm not a big fan of Kate Moss (I know, I know everybody wants to kill me...) but I must agree that she's unique and will be ever Kate Moss.

Thank you for your lovely comment.


Nemerae said...

Kate Moss is unique... but among these I prefer Lily Donaldson by far!

Valentine said...

I love Sasha, Lily C. and Irina-- however-- I dont see any of them as being the next Kate Moss. They are all individuals, basically. haha. How I hate it when people talk of someone being the next Kate Moss as if Kate herself has *cough* gone away.

Melissa said...

Maybe not...but I do love Irina and Sasha.

Mimi said...

I hate if people say this 'The next..' there's only one - always!
Though Agyness Deyn and Lily Donnaldson are awesome models but for theirselves.

choppyshades said...

i don't think their's gonna be a new kate moss ever..
but i love Sasha Pivovarova and Agyness Deyn.

Couture Carrie said...

It's like saying that someone is the next Marilyn Monroe . . . impossible!
I do love most of those gals, though - particualrly Sasha.
I don't care for Agy (guess I'm the only one??).

Pretty pics!


LuLu124 said...

i don't think there's going to be any next kate moss because well its just impossible to match up to kate!!! all these models are special in their own way, and i love them all for it :D xoxo, lulu ♥

Anonymous said...

I love Irina, but I just don't think any of these girls are iconic in the way Kate Moss is...

harryshouldnotblog said...

I love Lily Cole, and a few others here, but none will ever live up to what Kate Moss has created for herself. I'm not crazy or totally opposed to her, but her line of work is impressive?

Blog buddies? I love what you do here.

Also, it's amazing how many readers you have. How did you manage it?

Robin said...

Kate Moss is Kate moss and no one can have that place

lacouturier said...

i don't think anyone could be the next kate moss. kate moss is, well, simply, kate moss =)

please check out my blog!

Dapper Kid said...

I agree that only Kate Moss can be Kate Moss. However all of these models are stunning, there's no reason that papers might not one day say '--- is the next Agyness Deyn', for example.

Anonymous said...

irina is so cool.

Anonymous said...

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