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Monday, September 1, 2008

(I Just) Died in Your Arms

This is one of the most powerful images of a band I have ever seen.
Many bands use cliche shots - I guess there are only so many styles.

Bands can't have have fake photos - they reveal if there is musical integrity or not.

It is that of the late 70's British band, Joy Division.
They chose their name from the back story to the novel, House of Dolls.
I have read it and let me tell you it is not for the faint hearted.
Their song 'No Love Lost' contains an edited passage from the novel.

Black & White vs. Colour
I don't think powerful band images need to be black & white.
This is one of the best shots of Muse & it is full of bright colours.
It is powerful, but in a completely different way.


What's your favourite band image ever??

Does it need to be black & white?? 



La Femme Chic said...

*cough* Anyway, I don't really have a preference, I love color and black and white. These are probably my favorite band images

myriam said...

Oh I love both photos. I'm not sure I haven't found my favourite band photo yet : (

natalia said...

joy division! yes

choppyshades said...

one of my favourite band photo is from arctic monkeys. and yes, it's in black and white, but it doesn't necessary have to be in black and white though..

by the way; i love joy division and that photo is amazing!

ellie said...

muse is like the new radiohead almost..which I think is an awesome band, yet I like my Bright Eyes too..but then there are the Jayhawks oh and wonderful Birthday massacre, too.

blue hearts said...

Thanks so much for the comment. Hopefully, I can do justice with "oliver".

hmmmm..well, there is REM that I have images of.sort of. Mostly, I just listen to all sorts of indie stuff. I have no idea what Ludo looks like, but I'd really like to find out.

michelle said...

The House of Dolls sounds like an interesting story!

I have no idea as for my favorite band...I generally like all music xD

Richel said...

mui mui banner=pretty tight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment!
Oh wow, I love that pic of Lily Donaldson on your profile! I found it the other day and I just fell in love with it, it's so cute that's in your profile!

And hey, favorites: Natalie Portman, Leighton Meester, Kate Moss, JAMES DEAN, Jamie Oliver, Michael Bublé, Hayden Christensen - I love them too!

I never really thought about my favorite band image... I'll have to do some research :D
Nice choices though!

Such a great blog.
Wanna trade links?

Rock on!

The Seeker said...

To be honest I'm not remembering one of my favourite band photo.
But I agree that they haven't to be b+w to be powefull and fierce.

Besides life isn't b+w...


michelle said...

BTW I didn't feel you were nosy at all! And I have found some great friends with the love for fashion that I do :)


autumn said...

i want 'em in black and white. =]

thanks for the comment. no, i don't publish it anywhere. though i'm trying to find a site where i can post my poems. ^^


I like the b&w shots better darling,I think they seem stronger,less cliche or done up.They just seem a whole lot more real.
your posts are always so interesting and varied! love it

Debbie Shiamay said...

I love the Click Five... I love most of their photos too. Black and white gifs it a sort of... intriguing and mysterious atmosphere whilst colored brings it to life.

I can't decided between the two but as long as the photo looks good... im all out for it!

Songy said...

I'm biased for MUSE. Anything they do I love... :)

dandy said...

oh I’ve seen so many powerful and wonderful band images, but i think one of the best was where Jim Morrison of The Doors was lying on the ground exhausted after concert.
i think Joy Division had amazing photograph in general and Muse as well. i prefer black & white, but not neccesarily.

ps. i really like your blog darling, i am linking you :)


LuLu124 said...

oh mannn those are FANTASTIC green jeans!!!! :D