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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Predict A Riot

Weapon of Choice
Smoking is greatly discouraged nowadays.
Everyone knows that teenagers used to consider it 'cool.'
I think they still do.
It is still glamourised - only less than before.
(Refer to Lindsay Lohan's magazine spread image below)

Have you ever smoked?????

And Then.....
Along with tobacco there is marijuana.
A few days ago this image was made public of models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (aka replaced Kate Moss as the face of Burberry), Jennifer Pugh & Alexsandra Rastovic with a bong.

Trust me you want to read this!!!!!!

- Sydneydoll.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot

Men In Hats
I find hats so appealing.
A guy in a hat DEFINITELY gets a thumbs up.
Top hats, trilbies, fedoras, homburgs and bowler hats just have something about them.
The London look.
It really gives a man character.

Men in hats???
Thoughts??? - attractive or not???

Love him or hate him, Pete Doherty really exemplified this look.

Women In Hats
I spent months trying to find one but now I own a black trilby.
EVERY TIME I have worn it I have been asked out and guys have complimented me for the hat.

One time I was at school and these guys were in a car on their way to a wedding and the groomsmen shouted out of the car that they loved my hat.

So, anyone in a hat is instantly recognised as having character.

Waistcoats & Fob Watches
I also love waistcoats & fob watches.
I own a fob watch and love it.
Guys compliment me on it but not nearly as much as when I am wearing the trilby.

I think I just like the Victorian style - (ie my love for corsets & suspenders - refer to earlier post).

- Sydneydoll.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spice Up Your Life......... Or Not

It has been raining like mad in Sydney.
I see it as some preparation for LDN.

Hooking Up With Teachers
Someone tole me she secretly has a crush on a teacher at our school.

I have and it is the same guy as her.
We know nothing will come from these crushes but we still have them.

However, 2 years ago a girl at my school was OBSESSED with a teacher - everyone knew - he knew as well.
2 weeks after her graduation she ran into him in a bar & kissed him.
She immediately texted everyone - she was really proud.
I know this as she texted my sister.

I prefer to keep teachers as teachers.

Have you ever had a secret crush on a teacher??


Monday, July 28, 2008

Ready, Steady, Go.....I Go Hard, Go Home

Premarital Sex
For some laughs I thought I would add a picture of Hanson.

They were a band with such hits as "MmmBop."
I remember when they were this young - now they are all married & the older 2 have multiple children.
They were all virgins before marriage - not my cup of tea if you ask me.


For some reason I like lollipops.
I am not a fan of lollies/candy/sweets/whatever you call sugar treats.
They give me a headache.
However, for some reason I love lollipops.

- Sydneydoll.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fluorescent Adolescent

So in January I am going to London.
Just me & one of my best friends - as wild as each other.

I want this outfit so much.
Cat Deeley looks incredible.

I am awaiting the new Blackberry - Blackberry Bold.

- Sydneydoll.

A Sexy Obsession

I absolutely love corsets, suspenders & fishnet stockings.

Favourite Corsets:
- Black & white
- Baby blue & white
- Red

As modelled by Gemma Ward & Lily Donaldson.

Paris Hilton may look like a prostitute here, but a sexy one.

- Sydneydoll.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Entry

I have decided to use this blog as a means to vent my feelings and thoughts.

For this very reason I shall remain anonymous.

- Sydneydoll.