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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot

Men In Hats
I find hats so appealing.
A guy in a hat DEFINITELY gets a thumbs up.
Top hats, trilbies, fedoras, homburgs and bowler hats just have something about them.
The London look.
It really gives a man character.

Men in hats???
Thoughts??? - attractive or not???

Love him or hate him, Pete Doherty really exemplified this look.

Women In Hats
I spent months trying to find one but now I own a black trilby.
EVERY TIME I have worn it I have been asked out and guys have complimented me for the hat.

One time I was at school and these guys were in a car on their way to a wedding and the groomsmen shouted out of the car that they loved my hat.

So, anyone in a hat is instantly recognised as having character.

Waistcoats & Fob Watches
I also love waistcoats & fob watches.
I own a fob watch and love it.
Guys compliment me on it but not nearly as much as when I am wearing the trilby.

I think I just like the Victorian style - (ie my love for corsets & suspenders - refer to earlier post).

- Sydneydoll.


Nita-Karoliina said...

well pete rocks that look, also i like his style of dressing, also i like jamie hince´s and johnny depp`s. and kate moss looks damn good in hats!

natty said...

both men and women in hats look amazing.
and if you make sure that they fit your face and and your personality, you can t go wrong wearing hats.

love you blog, by the way :)

kisses, Natalie

lara said...

hats can look grat or crappy on womna and on man :) depends on the type I think.

simon n josh said...

Love the fedora. Of course, you really have to have a certain start of charisma to carry it off..when it comes to wearing a hat.

Billy might come back more popular than ever in names...thank you so much for the comment.

agnes said...

agreed with you. hats add character, i find people wearing hates are soo cool. I love to see royals wearing hates, they are that classy-looking!

Mimi said...

Oh I remember I had a 'rocker' time and loved him so much.I think he gots crazy over all the drugs but anyway dresses still nice.

MONI said...

now I want a hat...:)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Pete makes it work. I do like hats, but only some guys can pull this look off. Thanks for your sweet comment, my dear! ^_^

Whitney said...

I agree...I love men in hats! And women look good in hats too but only if they have the face to pull it off! I think a hat can add a lot of personality to an outfit!

CoutureCarrie said...

Agreed! There is nothing sexier :)

Prudence Lennon said...

i'm agree man in hats looks sexy and rockers
rock on!


I really like hats!


Kira Fashion said...

pete is ugly! heheh

a kiss!!!

Cammila said...

I think I just love tophats in general, but boys in hats are indeed pretty alluring.

coco said...

I have nothing against men in hats but Pete just looks terrible to me.

The Shadowrunner said...

I need that suit. XD
Oh, and thank you sincerely for wishing me a (somewhat belated) happy birthday. It know its late, but its the thought that counts, right?.

PS: I like fedora hats. O_O