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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fluorescent Adolescent

So in January I am going to London.
Just me & one of my best friends - as wild as each other.

I want this outfit so much.
Cat Deeley looks incredible.

I am awaiting the new Blackberry - Blackberry Bold.

- Sydneydoll.


Anonymous said...

i want that blackberry to.

The Other Half said...

Londan sounds awesome!! And at outfit is cute!! And your right she does look amazing in it!


Whitney said...

Wow I am dying to go to London! That should be an awesome trip! thanks for visiting my blog!

CoutureCarrie said...

Great taste! Love that middle pic, and your banner and profile photos!!

Mimi said...

Ohh I want a blackberry too.Last week I wrote about it on my blog :I

La Femme Chic said...

Oh! You're going to London! I am so jealous! I would love to go there. I like that Blackberry,btw.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love Clueless too, and your profile pic, and your blog!! ♥
Thank you for the wonderful comments in both of my blogs! :)

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

London's cool but I'm craving another trip to Sydney! I miss Oportos and the shopping

Style Addict said...

I wish i getting it i just got the curve. I am so late =(

Rose Valentine said...

Oooh blackberry!!

Fabio Lage said...

Can I go with u too?
I looooove London!!!
Really miss that wonderfull cosmopolitan city!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh lucky!! :D
I'm probably going to London with two of my BFs on July 2009, in one of those summer school programs. I've been wanting to go to one since I was 11, and I promised myself I would go next year :D

Blackberrys are so cool! Way better than iPhone if you ask me - I need some buttons to click :)
But I think I wouldn't change my orange motorola U6 for anything. It is starting to go wild, but it's my dream phone. I can't possibly chuck it :)

Rock on

Songy said...

so you're getting that little berry beast. Have fun.
I'm still using an 'vintage' nokia! After managing a mobile portal/dealing with all manner of mobile phone gadgets I decided not to spend any on my phones.. there you go. I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough.