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Friday, September 5, 2008

How You Remind Me

Of the Chanel bags, red is very popular (& my personal favourite).
Just a few examples.

Mary-Kate Olsen
distinguishing herself yet again with a gold dress.

Kirsten Dunst shows off her great taste again.

Paris Hilton chooses to wear red with red.

Nicole Richie contrasts her whole outfit with the bag.

Do you like the red Chanel??

What's your favourite colour Chanel bag???



mary said...

I love the black Chanel bag


id love a red chanel bag.all these looks are great and my fave is Miss olsen's. Red looks fabu against that shade of gold. Shes looks fab. I must start saving my pennies for a red chanel bag ;o)

Dapper Kid said...

They look lovely! I do love red accessories personally :)

autumn said...

love the black ones. just like the one i got from my mom. =]

myriam said...

I think the red ones are cute but I'd like to have a black one! (and a red one..he!)

Cate said...

i love this chanel bag, in all colours! i like it best the way kirsten dunst is wearing it, for my taste the bags of nicole richie and mary-kate are too big. i like the smaller version of this bag better. i wanna have it! it's a classic!

Danz said...

The red one is gorgeous but I think I'd take a quilted Chanel bag in any and every colour I could get my hands on!

Thanks so much for the amazing comment you left sweetie! I'd definitely love to see you do a studded shoe DIY - I bet they'd be fabulous!

Would you be interested in trading links with me? Take care and enjoy the rest of your day :)

LEESH said...

i love the red chanel, but first i need to get my hands on a classic black one- then work my way up to the red one.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i can't say i have a favorite color for chanel bags. i love all of my chanels... : ) but, i don't have a red one, why is that??

Anonymous said...

I love the color, red is so sexy! But (and I'm probably getting killed for this, haha) I personaly don't like the bag's texture. I don't know why... I'm just too picky I guess ^^

I just noticed that you also use song names on your posts' titles - that's so cool, so do I :)

"How You Remind Me"... that was the song that introduced me to my favorite band, Nickelback. I just love them.

Rock on!

LuLu124 said...

awwww sydneydoll you're too sweet!!!! thank you SO MUCH for the warm welcome back and support in your comments!!!! :)))) and urgh the guy was from my high school, although i'm not sure what grade he's in xP i fervently hope i won't see him in school because it would be insanely awkward... and i'd glare daggers at him ^^ hehe i LOVE the red chanel bag!!!! it's absolutely classy and sooo daring to pair with any outfit. i'm a sucker for the original black one too :)) xoxo, lulu <333

Miranda said...

i need it. now.
hahaha i LOVE the red chanel! it's so classy and feminine but totally bright and fun at the same time. so versatile!

enc said...

I LOVE a red bag, but not Chanel in particular; I'm not a big fan of the quilting. However, these bags are great classics, and I wouldn't turn one down.

Songy said...

all colours please. I even saw silver, gold and so on.. I would turn down any colour whether it's chanel or not!

Linnéa said...

I Love chanel bags!!! but black it what I prefer <3

Toni Alexis said...

i love red..but the black is my favorite. so classic and chic!