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Friday, August 22, 2008

That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)

I have been enjoying the Ugly Betty Season 1 DVD & been noting my favourite character, Marc St. James's (Michael Urie) outfits.

Marc is gay and he wears completely over the top outfits, similar to straight Chuck (Ed Westwick) in Gossip Girl.

If a man wore such clothes in daily life would they be fashionable???

I think if they shared their overwhelming confidence they could fashionably pull it off.

Marc St. James

Chuck (Charles) Bass

Attractive in reality for men???

- Sydneydoll.


Songy said...

yes in a way if personality is there to go with.

Anonymous said...

i love chuck.

Richel said...

I think if they had the confidence to boot, then I'm all for the eccentric fashion.

Juliet said...

I wouldn't have it in me to date someone who would dress like that, though they wouldn't date a girl who dresses like this :D. With personality it could go.

i guess the stranges in them is that they dress in the way that Womens fashion says, not mens.

juliet xxx

Angus said...

Blog totally bookmarked!

And I think these guys look very good in their clothes, but also partly because it comes with a character. Because we already know them, we accept their fashion choices as part of who they are. I think if we just saw them randomly in the street we might not think they look as good. Of course, Chuck Bass looks kinda awesome regardless of what he's wearing, so he would probably look awesome on the street too.

Ariella said...

Personally that's the kind of style I love on guys. But to wear something so bold you need the confidence and the personality to go with it.

issa said...

i agree with songy they would definitely have to have the personality... otherwise they can come off a bit costumey

kirsty said...

well they look attractive on chuck!!