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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Love Is Pink - GIANT POST

Thank you for all the well wishes regarding my health.
I have a pretty bad cold but each day I am getting a little better.

To be honest, I really like some of Ashlee Simpson's outfits, I prefer them to Jessica Simpson's.

When I watched Newlyweds Jessica tried way too hard, simply emulating Paris Hilton and only looked at the brand name, not the clothes themselves.

I recognise she has changed but I still prefer Ashlee's, Jessica's looks so forced.

Ashlee Simpson

I love how she wrapped the scarf around her face. So cute.

Who knew you could wear long gloves with jeans???
Where can you buy them???

I probably wouldn't even try those pants on in a store but she makes them look so fashionable.

Jessica Simpson

Ashlee or Jessica Simpson?????

- Sydneydoll.


Claudia said...

To be totally, completely honest, I don't like them both, but if I hadhadhad to choose, I would pick Ashlee, because sometimes she looks very good, Jessica is like cowgirl gone wild, yuck!

Anonymous said...

I would go Ashlee over Jessica anyday. I'm not a fan of either to be honest but I still think Ashlee has handled herself pretty well style-wise and fame-wise so she wins my vote :D

agnes said...

Ashlee. it's obvious that she has more "stylish" genes than her sister.

Ida said...

I am not a fan of either, if I have to be honest. All I know is I really like Jessica's shoe line *lol*

michelle said...

I agree, Ashlee looks so much better. Jessica is trying too hard to look country.

Nita-Karoliina said...

i dont like either of them really...hope ypu feel better <3 have a goood weekend!

MR style said...

ashlee's better and smarter cuz she takes advantage of her sister fauxpas

The Seeker said...

Glad that you're feeling better.

I would prefer Ashlee, for sure.

Thanks for your wishes of less stress.



hey sup babes for the long gloves just buy leg warmer cut a lil' hole on the side for ur thumbs and ur good to go! don't need to go all over for that !!!kiss mami !!!

natty said...

Jessica looks so dumm.