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Monday, August 25, 2008

Pure Morning

Its my formal/prom in a few months and I need to find a dress.

While I don't intend to wear black, I really like Christina Aguilera's.

She was performing at the Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai party at The Tar Estate, Bel Air, Calif. on Saturday.

What colour dress did you wear to your formal/prom???

Do you like her dress???



michelle said...

Her dress looks so pretty!

My prom dress was red/black...kind of vintage inspired, my hair/make-up was like hers :P

Songy said...

if you have a good set of long legs do go for that dress! it's incredibly sexy.

Miranda said...

that's a hot hot dress. i should probably start thinking about my prom dress too.. though i have monthsssssss hahaha.
do you have anything in mind? as in, long or short?

Cammila said...

That's very cute! I had a seamstress recreate a 1920's Erte dress to fit my measurements -- it was a lot of fun not looking like anybody else. :)

Nita-Karoliina said...

in finland we dont have proms, but i would suggest you try that new lace/gothich trend! i love it! black is the colour then!

Robyn said...

Very cute dress...not so sure about the length, just above the knee might have been more flattering (but then not nearly as attention grabbing). My formals were sooooo long ago...in year 11 I wore a white 50's style dress (fitted bodice, cull circle skirt in layers of tulle, lace and satin) from the op shop (and spent my dress money on a bass guitar) and in year 12 a black one-shouldered Morrisey number from the sales at DJs.

Anonymous said...


heartofpearl said...

i wore lime green and black. similar to hers actually. but with a soft black handmade corset and green puffy skirt! i lv her corset/belt

Anonymous said...

wonderful singer