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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

I adore the Glastonbury belt.
I cannot find it ANYWHERE - even the official Glastonbury website.

It's adorned the ever stylish Kate Moss at Glastonbury Festivals.



I just love this outfit (picture below.)
The gold shorts are so cute.
If only they were a little longer & I knew were to buy them.

Do you like her outfits???



Songy said...

love the belt myself. Top shop maybe?

must admit she has her style down pat. she looks great every time I see her in all her pictures.

Miranda said...

kate mass is an impeccable dresser<3
and that belt is very nice. i've never seen it before though. is she the only one you've seen wear it? maybe they made it special for her... lol

Allure said...

The belt is by All Saints. I don't think they do it anymore, but they have similar styles. I'd try e-bay UK, though.

iƱaki said...

Cool Moss retrospective!
And lovely header!


Wendiva said...

3 words: WE LOVE HER!!! at least i do, anything looks good on kate, esp the belt!!

Bostonista said...

Kate Moss will always, ALWAYS, be one of my huge style icons. Even when she's 60 and has blue hair.
I love that we think the same about masks!

Debbie Shiamay said...

YESSSS... I LOVE her outfits. She really know what looks hawt on her!

Ashleigh said...

love love lover her outfits..and I love how she makes all of thoe shorts look anything BUT trashy

Robyn said...

*sigh* wish I could wear short shorts and wellies like that. With my legs though...maybe not.

lamodeestpoison.blogspot.com said...

yessss i love her