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Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Can't Both Sing AND Act

It's ridiculous how many singers/actors both act & sing.
There can not be THAT many talented people who can both sing & act.

People practise for years for their skills & some actors/singers think they don't need any & miraculously they have this amazing talent as actors/singers.

Provided some are very talented in their prime field.
Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Sam Riley & Ed Westwick sung.

Note: I like some of the people on this list but still...

The List Includes
- Hilary Duff
- Lindsay Lohan
- Miley Cyrus
- Ashlee Simpson
- Jessica Simpson
- Cassie
- Beyonce
- Bow Wow
- Justin Timberlake

Can celebrities both sing & act???



The Seeker said...

I think they can if they are good in both, but if they are just good on one thing I think they should stay only with it.


Trendology said...

most don't do it well...

Terencesambowrites said...

Justin-sing: yes ,act -no
Beyonce-sing yeah, act -yeah

Miley does both well ...

Hot Bot said...

All definitely have their stronger suit. I actually think Miley does it the best out of all of them, even if I don't care for her. Beyonce (excuse me, Sasha Fierce!) comes in second.

michelle said...

Honestly, I don't think any one of them can do both xD

agnes said...

this is a good topic! seems like no one there can do both.

P.S: you are tagged! :)


Song of Style said...

totally agree except for JT. i thought he was ok in alpha dog.

Songy said...

Remembering the good ol' days of actors.. they should be able to.

All big time actors used to not only sing but also act and dance!

dapper kid said...

Hmmm well some do it very well, but I wish others would stick to one!

yiqin; said...

I dontknw. I think actors can sing. But singers can't act. LOL

Anonymous said...

i think Beyonce may be the only one on this list that can do both. maybe justin can do comedy well

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jared Leto as a singer, I'm so thankful for his band :) I don't think I ever saw him act, though I already knew he was an actor before 30 Seconds to Mars - and Chapter 27 is number one on my list of Films to Rent.

I think you can be talented for both singing and acting, but most of these people do both because they want more popularity or they just like it - and by 'like' I mean they're not even good at it.

This was a great question, Sydneydoll! And I just sent you an e-mail ^^

Myriam said...

Not many! Haha

Sunniva said...

If they're good at both, they should do both, but very few are :P

Hope you're well, sweetie xoxo

Susanna-Cole said...

It's certainly not impossible for someone to be able to sing and act, however I think many of them simply rely on their already gained celebrity status to get into whichever business they didn't begin in (whether singing or acting). They also tend to try to be fashion designers, and so forth... It's kind of annoying, because sometimes I think the only reason they be semi-sucessful doing something else is because of their celebrity, not because they're all that talented. Oh and plus, sometimes I think they just use their money and power to make "seem" more talented than they are... you know, stuff like having their voice edited for their CD...:P

Thanks for your comments dear! <3


Frederic said...

some people just can do it..

Leni said...

Of course that they can!

Sydney Speel said...

depends... some can suck.

others can actually have talents, such as johnny depp.


Amy said...

I advise you watch "Keith" and then add Jesse McCartney to the list...